Booksting with CoHo and Renee Carlino!

Colleen Hoover

Welcome to Booksting With CoHo, a new post on my blog where I’ll be featuring new-to-me authors, authors who intrigue me, authors whose books I love and even awesome bloggers.


My first author is Renee Carlino. Her newest book, Before We Were Strangers, releases on August 18th and it’s so, so good. I know, because I actually read it. Renee knows all the details of when I read it, but that stays between me and Renee.

I asked Renee a few questions and then I had her answer a few reader questions, which, btw, you guys are crazy. How do you want to die? What kind of question is that? Don’t worry, I included it. But first, let’s all be nosey and inspect the contents of Renee’s purse and analyze her personality.


Okay, based on this pic, Renee likes her lips to be kissable, her hands to be clean, her…

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